Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quick Oscar Hits 9:00 to 11:11

Here are my musings while I enjoy The Oscars

Hugh Jackman is brilliant. I have a new-found respect for the guy. Not only is he Wolverine, but he can sing and dance too! Most definitely the best Oscar opening since Billy Crystal! And I mean Billy Crystal from way back.

I really don’t give two hoots about Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. I hope neither of them win an Oscar. Isn’t it odd that Brad Pitt got nominated for a performance so dependent on special effects? I’m sure he won’t win. He better not win.

When was the last time Steve Martin was actually funny? Do people just laugh at him, because he used to be funny and they feel sorry for him?

Great speech by Dustin Lance Black, screenwriter of Milk- I can’t wait to see this movie. It finally opened in Moncton this weekend. I really wanted to see it before tonight, but it didn’t happen.

Slumdog wins for best adapted screenplay. I can’t wait to read the novel in six months or so.

Milk and Slumdog have both won the writing awards- Does this make them the early favourites for Best Picture. A movie will only go as far as the script will take it!

Is Jack Black funny? I used to think so. I don’t know anymore. He’s kind of a one trick pony.

Surprise, Surprise- the camera panned to Angelina Jolie while Jennifer Aniston was presenting an award.

What does it say about my viewing habits that I’ve seen all three movies nominated for best animated feature? And the Oscar goes to WALL-E. That was pretty much a lock. It’s a shame that Kung Fu Panda came out the same year as WALL-E because in an average year it would’ve been a lock for best animated film. It was a really interesting movie.

How do you even see animated shorts? You Tube? Is there an official venue? Film festivals I guess. I should make more of an effort to watch short films. Are there any short-film fans out there? I do enjoy some NFB shorts. The one with the logger going down the river is a classic. I’ve heard you can actually watch a bunch of the old NFB shorts on its website. I’ll have to check them out.

Carrie Bradshaw and James Bond on stage together. Maybe 007 could mistake Bradshaw as a terrorist suspect and arrest her to save us all from Sex and City II- The quest for Sarah Jessica Parker to Stay Relevant.

The real stars of Benjamin Button- the Art Directors have won Button’s first Oscar. They made Brad Pitt seem interesting.

It’s time now for costume design. The winner is The Duchess. Movies with kings and queens with big hair and big corsets always seem to win this award.

It’s now time for Make-Up. And once again it’s Benjamin Button. Amazing Art direction and great make-up seem to be what brought Button to life and not Brad Pitt.

After seeing the montage of 2008’s best on-screen romance, it appears that no one had more chemistry than WALL-E and EVA.

It seems Ben Stiller is trying really hard to be funny. I wonder if Natlie Portman is enjoying this? Slumdog was such a beautiful film that I hope it wins. So much colour. And yes- there is justice.

It Jessica Beil at the Oscars. Where are the rest of kids from 7th Heaven?

There were some funny movies made this year and some that were supposed to be funny. What’s happened to Mike Myers and Adam Sandler? Are they still funny? Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Step Brothers were both quite funny.

The movie that made me laugh most from 2008 was Baby Mama, but they failed to show a single clip from it. For shame- Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are definitely both still funny.

I’ll have to check out some live action shorts someday soon.

I'd go see Grease! or any musical if Hugh Jackman and Beyonce were in it. Oh dear God! Did they have to ruin the musical montage, by showing those two clowns from High School Musical? If there's any justice in the world we'll never see those two ever again. They ened the montage with "Somewhere" from West Side Story. Best song from a muscial... EVER!

And Heath Ledger wins best supporting actor. It's a classy move to have this family accept the award. This has to be unbelievablly difficult for them to do this. He was a brilliant actor. The best of my generation.

That's over two hours of Oscar viewing. I don't know if I've got much more in me. It's time for bed. I'll have to PVR the rest and watch it the morning. If we get the storm they're calling for there will be no school.


  1. I too enjoy the logging short! I think I have that song on my iPod

    Did you notice that Beyonce seemed to be lip syncing? What's that all about?

  2. I didn't notice, but I wouldn't be surprised.

    It's really tough to keep up the pace of singing and dancing at the same time. You'd think she'd be used to it, seeing that she's both a singer and a dancer, but maybe she didn't want to chance a mistake or maybe she was sick or something.

    I know Hugh Jackman was singing live. I noticed him sneaking breaths, and a couple of times he laughed and head to cover his mistake.

    But, I thought he was brilliant. And the whole presentation of the show.

  3. The show was pretty good; I liked how they had previous Oscar winners come out and present the best actor awards

    And whoever says Sophia Loren has never had work done is a freakin' idiot

  4. Maybe Sophia Loren will try to convince people that she's afflicted with the same disease as Benjamin Button. Yeah, that's it!

  5. Too bad her face looks like Mickey Rourke's

  6. Bahaha!! That last comment is GOLD!