Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Break Starts at the Mayflower

After an adventurous overnight train ride, we arrived in Ottawa with hungry bellies. Amanda and I had planned to enjoy a leisurely breakfast at the Montreal train station, but since we arrived late our layover was virtually non-existent and there was no time for breakfast.

The trip from Montreal to Ottawa was quick, and we got here just in time to enjoy an amazing breakfast at The Mayflower Restaurant and Pub, at 247 Elgin Street.

This was my third trip to the this popular weekend spot. We arrived around 1:00 so we thought we’d beat the breakfast rush, but we still had a short wait.

Once we were seated, we were quickly served coffee by a slightly frazzled server. He was clearly a little exhausted after a busy morning. At the Mayflower, the menus are on the table waiting for you, which is fun, because it allows you to jump right into the decision-making process. And anyone who’s ever eaten with me knows my selection process tends to be both time-consuming and indecisive.

Since it was one o’clock the first decision to be made was lunch or breakfast? The chalkboard specials looked enticing. They included such comfort food classics as baked macaroni and cheese and chicken pot pie. There was also a club sandwich made with freshly spit roasted chicken and served on pumpernickel bread, but since I hadn’t eaten yet, I decided to stick with breakfast.

I had narrowed my breakfast selections down to the two meals I’d enjoyed on previous visits to the diner. It was tough decision between homemade oatmeal, served with your choice of toppings or the five-pancake breakfast. After consulting my very empty stomach, the much larger 5 pancake breakfast was an obvious choice.

Once our orders were taken, we had lots of time to catch up with friends, because it took a long time for our meals to come. The restaurant was packed, and the server did an excellent job keeping our coffees topped up. This is the third time I’ve eaten here and the food always takes time. But I don’t mind waiting for quality freshly cooked food. It’s a good sign that it takes time to prepare. If you’re somewhere and the food comes out just a little too quickly, you have to wonder how much of the food you’re eating has just been reheated in a microwave.

When the food arrived, we were treated by large scrumptious portions. The pancakes were buttery with just the right amount of fluff. My only complaint about the pancakes was the syrup. It’s a sin to serve “table syrup.” It should be mandated that all breakfast joints serve 100% Canadian Maple Syrup. It depresses me to think how many pancakes and waffles I ruined by soaking them with Aunt Jamima. But I digress.

The pancakes were enjoyable, and they were served with wonderfully grilled home fries, and decent breakfast sausages. I added a side of pumpernickel toast, which I enjoyed a little too much.

What I love about having breakfast at restaurants in Ottawa is the variety of breads available for toast. There’s nothing like enjoying dense pumpernickel toasted to perfection. It’s nice to have a choice beyond white and whole-wheat. When you throw in a chance to enjoy some pumpernickel, brown or dark rye- it adds a whole element of deliciousness to breakfast.

Aside from the pancakes, and oatmeal there are lots of omelettes, Eggs Benedict, and traditional breakfasts to choose from. The Mayflower is a cozy diner, packed with lots of people in search of delicious comfort food. So if you’re looking to discover a place to have a scrumptious breakfast or lunch you should stop byThe Mayflower and have an amazing meal.

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  1. I love breakfast and I agree about the syrup, it should always be 100% Canadian maple syrup!